Say NO to 2500 Trucks (EACH WAY!) = 5000 Trucks

By stoplenchwickwindfarm | August 15, 2010

On Tuesday 17th April ScottishPower Renewables have planned a trial run to see if they can actually get the turbine parts to the site of the planned windfarm.

(Yes that’s correct, they’ve submitted a planning application, and don’t even now if they can get the bits there yet!)

If the ScottishPower Renewables plans for an Industrial Wind Power Plant are approved, then there could be up to 2500 trucks trundling through Norton and Harvington.

On top of that they have to get the massive Turbine towers  and 46.5m long (that’s the size of one half of a football pitch) turbine blades up to the site, and they have two options, their preferred route is via Norton and Harvington and this is what they would look like:

towers on road2irw_wind_turbine2a

So to tell them what you think – turn out on Leys Road Harvington between 10:20 am and 11:30 am on Tuesday 17th August and JUST SAY NO to ScottishPower Renewables.

There plans including hauling: 2,500 Lorries (EACH WAY!), 40,000 Tonnes Aggregate, 5,000 Tonnes Concrete through Harvington, just ask yourself:

Where Will You Park?

How Safe will your  Children be?

How Noisy will it be?

What Damage will it do?

How Dirty will they be?

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