2nd Report from Wychavon District Council’s Consultants Vindicate VVASP Concerns

By stoplenchwickwindfarm | September 3, 2010

A new comprehensive report prepared by Wychavon District Council’s consultants to review the Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (L&VIA) and associated material submitted by ScottishPower Renewables and to provide independent professional advice to Wychavon District Council, has vindicated VVASP’s concerns about the visual impact.

At VVASP, we have consistently held the view that that this is an inappropriate location for the construction and operation of an Industrial Wind Power Station.

And, once again, the VVASP campaign to highlight the potentially damaging  visual impact is clearly vindicated in this, the second damning report of ScottishPower Renewables plans, the Environmental Impact Assesment and their processes for analysing and predicting the potential visual impact from the turbines.

The consultant’s report highlights numerous inconsistencies within the documents and ScottishPower Renewable’s contemptuous, arrogant and lackadaisical approach to presentation of the information, including ignoring Wychavon’s own directions, in their own words:

On ignoring Wychavon’s instructions:

"…  It is noted that this is to be subject to a separate design process and environmental assessment despite the Council in its scoping opinion stating that the impact of the scheme as a whole should be assessed. ”

commenting on the Photomontages, they say:

“The size of the images and wireframes in the ES appear to have been chosen for ease of fitting on an A3 size of paper, rather than accurately portraying the image.”

They also point out that the proposal will have significant adverse impact on the area and indeed would breach a number of policies including ENV1, CTC1, and CTC2

“The windfarm would be out of scale with and unsympathetic to the local landscape, such that its character would not be safeguarded, restored or enhanced by the proposed development. The proposal is therefore inappropriate to and will not integrate with local landscape character and is thus, in our opinion, contrary to policy ENV1 of the Wychavon Local Plan and policy CTC1 of the Worcestershire Structure Plan."

and they highlight quite a few significant effects including:

“.. there will be significant effects of the proposed development on some views from and on the setting of the Registered Park and Garden at Rous Lench Court (Grade II*). In our opinion there could also be significant effects on views from and on the setting of Ragley Hall Registered Park and Garden (Grade II*).

As we have said all along, this is an inappropriate location

We strongly advise everyone to download and read this report in full.

To download it, Click Here

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