Bicker house blighted by turbines

By stoplenchwickwindfarm | November 26, 2008

Published Date: 12 August 2008

A FAMILY living near a part-constructed wind farm is experiencing the same problems that plagued the Davises at Deeping St Nicholas.

Seven of the 13 turbines planned for Bicker Fen are up and working but neighbouring couple Steve and Lorraine Rashleigh are horrified by the noise.

Mr Rashleigh, of North Drove, is upset because he was assured there would be no noise pollution.

He said: "They’re not all up yet and we can hear noise like an old steam train in the distance 24 hours a day. The turbines are as close as they can be to us. We can’t have windows open."


Lorraine and Steve Rashleigh in their back garden with the wind farm looming in the background.

Boston Borough Council gave Wind Prospect planning permission for the development in 2003.

The scheme is to build 13 2MW turbines to generate enough electricity as consumed by 14,500 homes.

Mr Rashleigh hopes to pursue the case to see if he can get his council tax reduced or compensation.

Ultimately he would like the turbines removed but says this will never happen.
The wind farm is due to be finished by late September.

Last month campaigners against wind farms celebrated a landmark tribunal case involving the Davises, which ruled thousands could be knocked off the value of houses close to turbines.

Original Article Appeared Here: Spalding Today

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One Response to “Bicker house blighted by turbines”

  1. jigr69 Says:
    December 3rd, 2008 at 10:54 am

    The biggest problem with wind turbines is the duplication of power generation. By that I mean if the government is serious about generating green electricity it needs to do it in such a way that additional spare capacity is not required.

    To supply say 20% of the UK’s power by wind turbines, you need in reserve 20% generating capacity for the days when then wind is either too light or too strong. This capacity has to be immediately available, such as from Nuclear. Otherwise lights will go out either on a very calm day or a stormy day.

    Rail track has excuses such as leaves on the line, or the wrong type of snow, the UK power generating companies will have a new one of the wrong type of wind….