Data slip-up on the arctic ice

By stoplenchwickwindfarm | April 14, 2009

Christopher Booker, Sunday Telegraph  11 April 2009

Ever more bizarre becomes the story of the Catlin expedition to the North Pole, blessed by Prince Charles and sponsored by various organisations which make money from the global warming scare.

The expedition’s purpose was supposedly to use the latest science to measure how dangerously Arctic ice is thinning, last week the US science blog Watts Up With That noticed that the “biotelemetry” supposedly monitoring the physical state of the three environmental activists “live from the ice” was on a loop, endlessly repeating the same data. Even the ice-measuring equipment itself had broken down in the intense cold.

Meanwhile the US Army buoys which permanently monitor the Arctic ice without risking human life show that since last April it has thickened by half a metre.


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