Don’t take our word for it -Do Your Own Research …

By stoplenchwickwindfarm | February 18, 2010

We invite you to do your own research and draw your own conclusions as to why the ASA would make such a ruling.


Dr Nina Pierpoint, Author of Wind Turbine Syndrome, visit her site get an extract of her book click here Sample Pages and here for the Executive Summary, also check out all the peer reviews.

A paper by Dr Chris Hanning, Consultant, Sleep Disorders Clinic, Leicester General Hospital entitled “Sleep Disturbance and Wind Turbine Noise” click here to download.

Dr A Harry, on Wind Turbines: Noise and Health, click here.

If you are heavily into the science of acoustics, you might want to read the definitive NASA report from  Hubbard and Sheppard 13th Feb 2009, (2oMb) click here to download.

And here’s what our own NHS has to say on the subject, click here

House Prices:

Details of the house price reduction after a court ruling, and council tax reduction click here to see the article.

Details of the High Court case for noise nuisance against the wind farm operator backed by their house insurer, click here to see the article.

Forever? It’s a matter of interpretation.

A recent windfarm planning application was turned down on appeal by the Inspector on the grounds “I have also borne in mind the fact that planning permission is sought for a period of 25 years. However, as such a time period is roughly a third of an average lifetime I have some difficulty in regarding it a “temporary” in any real sense.” – So what is the opposite of temporary? Permanent? Forever? Click here to download the document from the government’s website.

And for more evidence look at the Wind Industry’s own body, the BWEA, which is funded by and represents the interests of the Wind Power developers, and operates a large, well financed PR and lobbying campaign to ensures its views are represented in all government bodies and quangos, take a look at its database of exiting sites and planned developments – just note the number of  second phases, repowering  and extensions. Click Here for the Current Installations , click here for those with Planning Permission Consented  and here for those Under Construction and here for those in Planning.

In summary that is 2759 turbines in current operation with a theoretical maximum capacity of 4,115 MW and another 6,963 turbines with a theoretical maximum capacity of 18,839 MW consented, under construction or in planning.  That’s the equivalent of lining every single motorway covering the whole country with a turbine at every 350 meters.  And based on Scottish Power’s figures you’d need to build 3 ADDITIONAL Drax powerstations to back them up for when the wind doesn’t blow!

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