Lenches Leads on Adoption of Renewables Technologies

By stoplenchwickwindfarm | February 5, 2011

Whilst not usually ones to speak out about what they are doing personally, the Lenches and the immediate surrounding area has become an example of just what householders can do themselves when it comes to renewable energy.

Next time you come and enjoy the wonderful landscape that exists in the Lenches, either just to pass through, or to enjoy the Blossom trail, pause for moment and take a closer look.

The Lenches now has, per house more solar PV panels, Solar thermal panels, air source and ground source heat pumps in operation than any of the other villages in the Vale!

So, if you want to find out how You can really do Your bit for the environment, just come and visit us. 

(p.s if you can’t see the panels, it’s because a lot of the Lenches is a conservation area, and they have been discretely installed on roofs and in areas that don’t face the road!)

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