Lenches Windfarm Rejected!

By stoplenchwickwindfarm | January 27, 2011

Today’s Planning Committee decision to reject the windfarm application is the right one. Large wind turbines should be more than 2Km from homes and preferably offshore.

For over two years we have been working towards achieving this decis

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ion. The journey has been long and arduous and deeply affected many resident’s lives.

Developments of this magnitude require more technical research and more opportunties to consult the communities in a more respectful and consultative way. Not just the odd village hall ‘open evening’ with inadequate paper questionnaires. It must be a community decision ensuring the right technology is in the right environment.

We are aware that this may not be the end of resident’s plight. The Applicant is a large corporation with substantial Parent Company financial backing. They have the funds to force an Appeal.

If an Appeal is successful it won’t be the Applicant or its employees that will have health and home affected by the decisions of others .

We will fight on.

VVASP is not against wind farms as a renewable energy source, we believe in the right renewable technology in the right environment. The Vale of Evesham is not the right environment for 410 feet/126m wind turbines.

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