Local MP, Peter Luff comes to hear the Concerns of Local Residents

By stoplenchwickwindfarm | July 26, 2009

On Friday 17 July Peter Luff, visited the house of Jon and Diane Richardson in Sheriffs Lench to see the wind test mast, and the proposed site of the wind farm. 

The picture is of Jon Richardson with Peter Luff and  a few Sheriffs Lench residents.

In the background is the expected site of  three of the nine proposed wind turbines, they will be over half as high again as the mast in the background and the closest is about 500m from homes.



It is felt that 500m is too close to peoples homes and local people are calling for them to be at least 2 Kilometres from dwellings as per guidelines in Scotland.  Local MP Peter Luff has drawn the disparities in planning recommendations to the attention of the Minister.

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One Response to “Local MP, Peter Luff comes to hear the Concerns of Local Residents”

  1. Jim Woodward Says:
    July 28th, 2009 at 3:54 pm

    See this link – you may want to make comments before the deadline of 17 August 2009