Luff listens to VVASP- MP Visits Site of Proposed Power Plant

By stoplenchwickwindfarm | November 18, 2008

Luff listens to VVASP.
Monday 17th November

Peter Luff MP met with representatives from VVASP  (Vale Villages Against ScottishPower renewables) and Karen Lumley PPC for Redditch at Handgate Farm, the centre of the site on which ScottishPower Renewables propose to construct TEN x 125 metre wind turbines.

Peter Luff had questions regarding the location of the turbines. Mr Luff had spent the previous day reading up on the issue of such large Wind Turbines in this beautiful location and it was not until he had completed that research that he could fully appreciate the scale of the proposed turbines which he said would be a third again as high as Big Ben. Mr Luff said he had tried to contact Scottish Power to discuss this scheme several times without success,  and has finally had a response. He now has a meeting with the company on December 9th.

VVASP raised several issues including the 2KM rule which applies in Scotland (SPP6, which prevents turbines being sited within 2KM of a house) and other countries and why this was not policy in England. Mr Luff made a note to look into the other countries where the 2KM rule applies. Peter Luff promised to do some further research on this issue for VVASP.

Rod Stroud told Mr Luff that he had spent many years as chairman of Church Lench Parish Council wielding tight control over all development within this Green Belt area and now to see the possibility of the industrialisation of the beautiful landscape around the Blossom Trail and the Wychavon Way was appalling. The conduct of certain Parish councillors was roundly castigated with regard to their opinions being recorded as views of the PCs in various local newspaper articles. VVASP told Mr Luff that they were all in favour of renewable energy and that this scheme was not appropriate for a rural community.




Local residents meet with Peter Luff, MP and Karen Lumley, PPC close to the site of the proposed turbines.







Map showing the extent of the site of the Proposed Vale of Evesham Industrial Wind Turbine Power Plant, aka the "Lenchwick Windfarm"

Click on the map or here for a full sized image.

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