New Lenches MP pledges to fight windfarm

By stoplenchwickwindfarm | May 21, 2010

By Ian Dipple 20/05/2010 of the Evesham Observer click here to see original post

THE NEW MP representing the Lenches area has pledged to do everything she can to help campaigners in their battle against the Lenchwick windfarm.

Karen Lumley Karen Lumley was elected to represent the Redditch County constituency – which following boundary changes now includes the Lenches – after beating former home secretary Jacqui Smith to the seat in the recent general election.

Speaking to the Observer Mrs Lumley said she realised the windfarm was the biggest, if not the only, issue for people in the area and would make good on her promise during the election campaign to back the Vale Villages Against Scottish Power (VVASP) group fighting proposals to install five 125 metre wind turbines in the Lenchwick area.

"It’s not my decision to make, it’s local councillors decision to make and I am sure they will make it without any influence from me or anybody else but I have spoken to many local residents and it is the biggest issue, it is the only issue, in the Lenches and I have been to see them, looked at their stuff and I will be helping them as much as I can," she said.

"I do understand a planning application is imminent and once we see it I need to sit down look at what the planning objections are and put the best way forward at which point I will be speaking to somebody higher up the chain to see what can be done to help them."

Mrs Lumley also took the opportunity to hit back at criticism from pro windfarm campaigners which stated her stance on the issue put her at odds with Prime Minister David Cameron’s enthusiasm for renewable energy.

"I am in favour of windfarms and I am in favour of renewable energy but I don’t think it is appropriate to have humongous windfarms very close to people’s houses," she said.

"There are places in Worcestershire where windfarms could go, I wouldn’t want to name places, but I do really believe that there (Lenchwick) is not an appropriate place for a windfarm."

Mrs Lumley has also pledged to support farmers, village shops, local pubs and hold regular surgeries in the Lenches.

"I want people to feel I am their Member of Parliament and not just MP for Redditch," she added.

Karen Lumley says the Lenchwick area is an inappropriate site for a windfarm. Picture by Nick Hands

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