Out Of Control; How the EU is costing you the Earth

By stoplenchwickwindfarm | January 22, 2009

You’ll need 1MB connection and Flash 9.

If you have experienced any of the problems discussed in this film, need advice on how to set up a protest group in your area, would like a DVD of Out of Control or to know more about the relentless march of the EU superstate and how it affects you and your country, contact Godfrey Bloom MEP at:  108 Main Street, Wressle, Selby YO8 6ET


And if you found Out of Control interesting and informative, take a look at www.noremotecontrol.org for even more information about EU directives and how they affect every aspect of your daily life.

Godfrey Bloom MEP
Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, Member of the Ind-Dem Group

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