Placards, Banners and Window/Car Stickers Now Available

By stoplenchwickwindfarm | February 3, 2009

We now have placards and banners and window / car stickers available:

car_sticker_yellow **NEW ** Window / Car Stickers are available £1.50 each or £5.00 for 4.
Show your support for our campaign with these simple to apply window stickers, measuring 5” x 5” (or 136mm square for the younger ones of us) these can be placed inside car windows, or inside your front room / front door window.
Easy to apply and non-damaging these can be applied on the inside of any transparent surface.
No_Wind_Turbines_Yellow Placards are available at £10 each, these can be used at any of our protest meetings, they are made from 2 sheets of 4mm correx bonded together, so can be used as placards, or house signs by simply placing a pole between the two sheets.
When being used at a protest meeting and if you want to mount it on a pole, please use a CARDBOARD one, – try any of the carpet stores around the area.
As a house sign, a simple piece of 45mm square planed timber placed between the sheets and screwed in place.
Banner_We_Say_No_Yellow 8′ x 3′ Banner,  £75 / banner
Note that due to planning regulations, its use should be ‘temporary’. and you will have to put it  up and take it down on a number of occasions.
The advantage of that is that it also has greater impact than a ‘permanent’ installation.

You can pay for your placard or banner by cash, cheque or credit card.

Please make Cheques out to: VVASP.

Please call this number to arrange to collect / delivery of (if we can) your placard or banner, make sure that you take you cash, cheque or PayPal receipt with you.

Call or text :  0771 276 0220

To pay via Credit Card, we use PayPal, because we are charged for this service, we have had to increase the costs slightly. Cash / Cheque please for the window / car stickers.

Placards £10 cash or cheque to VVASP
£11.50 via PayPal


Banners £75 cash or cheque to VVASP
£80 via PayPal



You can also download a White or Yellow Background NO Sign to print out and put in your car / house / office / shop / hotel window or entrance: (These can be printed at A4 or A3)

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