Possible Locations and Postions of Lenchwick Windfarm Turbines

By Erica | November 7, 2008

Thanks to Stuart for this

The highlighted area within the blue line represents the area being considered by the Spanish owned firm Scottish Power Renewables for the wind farm.

The solid blue areas are the areas within this that are more than 500m from residential properties and thus possible wind turbine locations.

Please note Scottish Renewables are not saying these are the positions but these are our estimation of the possible positions based upon discussions with them at the drop in meetings.

We do not know yet whether any specific landowner has declined to enter into an agreement with Scottish Renewables.

We welcome contact and details of any and all landowners that have either specifically agreed to, or declined to do business with Scottish Renewables, as this will help us to determine where the turbines could go.

The shaded blue areas are only approximate but give a good indication as to the possible locations.

The Red circles represent turbines, we have no specific knowledge for their placement this is purely conjecture, it is done to illustrate where they could be. In practice it would be technically possible to place all 10 proposed turbines in either of the two larger blue areas.

Proposed Wind Farm Locations with Potential Turbine Placement CLICK ON IMAGE FOR FULL SIZED IMAGE

Proposed Wind Farm Locations with Potential Turbine Placement CLICK ON IMAGE FOR FULL SIZED IMAGE

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2 Responses to “Possible Locations and Postions of Lenchwick Windfarm Turbines”

  1. Chris Evans Says:
    November 10th, 2008 at 8:01 am

    I think you have failed to account for the mobile home at the end of the track leading due south from Rookery Farm Ab lench, which reduces the eligible area for turbines on the western site
    Second parts of your turbine footprints in some cases fall outside the shaded areas and some intersect.
    I understood that the proximity measurements were not flexible. This would mean fewer machines.
    I’d be interested to know the comments from the company on the map

  2. stoplenchwickwindfarm Says:
    November 10th, 2008 at 11:11 am

    Chris, thanks for comments.

    This map is very preliminary and as soon as we have full facts we will update it. Thank you for the details about the mobile home.

    The instersection, and overlap is deliberate, the edge of the circle represents where the next turbine could be, the dot the pylon that supports it.

    Scottish Power Renewables stated that they could be spaced a minimum of 250-300m apart laterally and 500m downwind, and that the predominant wind was South Westerly the footprints are shown as 250m RADIUS.

    Allowing for that intersection it is possible that all 10 turbines could be placed in either of the two blue areas. See new entry (It still doesn’t take account of the mobile home that you mention)