Pro-Wind Campaigners Break Law for Fourth Time

By stoplenchwickwindfarm | April 25, 2009

Police investigate thefts and criminal damage tied to the actions of  pro-wind campaigners.

For the fourth time in nearly as few weeks, pro-wind campaigners have broken the law, and caused considerable harm and distress to the residents of the Vale.

Early in the hours of Saturday 25th April, they struck again,  for a second time causing criminal damage, and now the police are mounting a significant investigation.

These criminal acts in the normally quiet, peaceful and tranquil villages of the the vale, are just a forerunner to the massive act of wanton destruction proposed by ScottishPower Renewables.

A few weeks ago a number of VVASP campaign ‘NO Wind Turbines’ placards were stolen, a significant number of which were discovered discarded in a field in Ab Lench.

In the second instance, more placards were stolen, however these have yet to be recovered.

Since then the pro-wind campaigners have stepped up their illegal activities and the most recent two events have been multiple acts of criminal damage, where placards have been, ripped from their mountings, damaged and some stolen. In this latest incident the campaigners have defaced the placards and also been involved in criminal acts of trespass.

The police have advised VVASP that have narrowed down the list of  suspects, and are confident that they know who the perpetrators are.

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