ScottishPower Renewables Confirms 1000’s of Trucks to Pass Through Harvington

By stoplenchwickwindfarm | December 21, 2010

Despite having been asked numerous times as to how it plans to get all the materials comprising more than 5,000 tonnes of concrete and 35,000 tonnes of aggregate to its proposed site, on the 14th December, Scottish Power Renewables have finally confirmed that they will send all these truck through Harvington and Leys Road.

In an very late, understated submission to Wychavon, Scottish Power Renewables, only confirmed their decision after an exchange of emails between Worcestershire County Council (The Highways Authority) and ScottishPower Renewables

Here is an Extract from the request:

14th December 2010

“I have read with interest that it is claimed that the route via Evesham Road / Leys Road has been selected as the preferred route. I was not aware of this being so and was still under the impression that both routes were being considered.”

Brian Sharp, Development Control Engineer, Worcestershire County Council

And ScottishPower Renewables Reply:

14th December 2010

“We have now decided that the Evesham Road / Leys Road option poses the least difficulties”

Kirsty Black, Assistant Project Manager, SCOTTISHPOWER RENEWABLES

Nearly 6 months after the submission of their application, finally they have made a decision.

So now Harvington and Leys Road could see more than 5,000 tonnes of concrete and 35,000 tonnes of aggregate passing through, with the return journeys, that means more than 5,000 trucks passing through this quiet village and residential area.

And yet – no consultation about this proposal to the people affected.

So what is driving Scottish Power?



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