ScottishPower Renewables Reneges on its Promises and Belatedly Publishes Map of Area

By stoplenchwickwindfarm | January 23, 2009

ScottishPower Renewables promised to have all questions raised at their drop-in session “responses will be sent to all those who filled in these questionnaires over the next month”  – that was on the 9th of December 2008 , however that hasn’t happened, in fact we are not aware of anyone that has yet been contacted directly by ScottishPower Renewables with answers to their questions.

So much for public ‘consultation’.

Furthermore we are also aware that they submitted documents to Wychavon District Council back in December of last year, including a map outlining the where they plan to place the turbines.

Wychavon District Council have been very co-operative and we would like to thank the planning department for their openness with regard to this monstrous proposal by a Spanish owned company (ScottishPower Renewables is a wholly owned subsidiary of Iberdrola Renewables).

Set out below is the map of the area included in the Scoping Document prepared by ScottishPower Renewables, the area shaded pink is the area that will be covered by their Environmental Impact Assessment, precise location of the turbines is not known at this stage, however they have gone on record to say that they expect to have “at the Lenchwick site probably in two blocks of 4 or 5 turbines each.”  The available area very closely aligns to our own earlier assessments – shown as the blue areas on the maps we presented at the drop-in sessions.

Clearly this monstrous Industrial Wind Power plant, with its massive turbines will have a disastrous impact on life in the surrounding villages of Norton, Lenchwick, Harvington, Church Lench, Sherriff’s Lench, Atch Lench and Ab Lench, as well as having an impact that will stretch right across the Vale

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E4529-DWP-Scoping Fig 2 Site Boundary-V2-081219-DH.mxd
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