VVASP gains ‘cross party’ support in opposing windfarm proposals for The Lenches in the Vale of Evesham

By stoplenchwickwindfarm | March 29, 2010

Jacqui Smith MP recently visited the Vale of Evesham to view the area around The Lenches where ScottishPower Renewables propose to build an industrial windfarm. The proposed Planning Application is imminent.

The Lenches is now part of the Redditch Parliamentary Constituency which is currently represented by Jacqui Smith MP so she came to see for herself the scale and detail of the proposal.

Rod Stroud Chairman of VVASP (Vale Villages against Scottish Power, the Action Group campaigning against the proposals) says "Jacqui Smith MP showed concern for the local residents predicament and we received the following response from her Secretary following the visit";

"Jacqui was impressed with the presentation made by Rod (Stroud) and Erica (Page). Should she become MP for the area she will be happy to take on the developers of the proposed windfarm and ensure the government guidelines and policies are tested and clear in relation to a development such as this.

Her main contention is the enormous size of the individual turbines, the proximity to housing and the ‘marginal’ size of the overall development.

Given its’ marginal scale Jacqui thinks that the developers might be unwilling to force through a development that causes them a lot of pain for only a little gain. She will be happy to build on that pain."

Karen Lumley, the prospective Conservative candidate for Redditch, has also visited the site several times and voiced support for the VVASP campaign.

Peter Luff MP has an active interest in the proposals since it was announced in November 2008 and was responsible for the 10 minute Bill presented to Parliament requesting a 2Km exclusion zone between large industrial wind turbines and resident homes.

This gives VVASP and residents in the local area a huge boost in getting ‘cross party’ support that the site is inappropriate for such large industrial turbines so close to peoples homes.

Rod Stroud – Chairman VVASP

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