Power to the People!

By stoplenchwickwindfarm | July 9, 2010

In a recent communication from Eric Pickles. he has once again brought the sense of reason to Local Government.

Below are extracts from his letter to a coalition MP’s

From: Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP

Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government

6 July 2010

Dear Colleague,

Abolition of Regional Planning

I am today abolishing the bureaucracy of regional planning, revoking the red tape of Regional Strategies that envelop councils across England outside London.

John Prescott’s legacy of Regional Strategies added unnecessary bureaucracy to the planning system. They were a failure. They were expensive and time-consuming. They alienated people, pitting them against development instead of encouraging people to build in their local area.”

it goes on to say:

“Our new planning system will be clear, efficient and will put greater power in the hands of local people, rather than unelected regional bodies”

and furthermore:

“Moving forward, we will make it easier for local councils, working with their communities, to agree and amend local plans in a way that maximises the involvement of neighbourhoods.”

So what does this mean to you and me?

It means that if you are affected by a planning application your view counts more than someone who is not affected by it!

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