Northern Ireland’s Environment Minister Speaks Out

Tuesday 10th February 2009 On last nights BBC PM programme, Sammy Wilson Northern Ireland Environment Minister speaks out about the “King having no clothes on” as he challenges the CO2 doomsayers,  and bans a ‘New Labour’ environmental ad. Listen in to the interview: For more details go here: BBC Newsline Environment and Science

The Alternatives – What Can Really Reduce CO2?

One of the questions that we often get asked is well if we don’t have turbines – what can we have? Here is a great little calculator that shows the CO2 benefits of various alternatives, then judge for yourself what can really help. Click Here: Carbon Calculator

Out Of Control; How the EU is costing you the Earth

You’ll need 1MB connection and Flash 9. If you have experienced any of the problems discussed in this film, need advice on how to set up a protest group in your area, would like a DVD of Out of Control or to know more about the relentless march of the EU superstate and how it […]