Out Of Control; How the EU is costing you the Earth

You’ll need 1MB connection and Flash 9. If you have experienced any of the problems discussed in this film, need advice on how to set up a protest group in your area, would like a DVD of Out of Control or to know more about the relentless march of the EU superstate and how it […]

Is ‘Global Warming’ a Tool of Control?

According to the Rev Philip Foster, the Global Warming Con is a Tool of Control In this video Reverend Philip Foster discusses the other side of the Global Warming Issue… The first part is about the fraud of global warming, at about the 48 minute mark the talk changes to renewable energy such as wind […]

And You Thought It Was Just Turbines…

In this week’s Okehampton Times, the Appeal Notification in respect of the Den Brook Wind Farm at North Tawton. A stark reminder of what else is involved apart from the turbines. Appeal Notification 8250/2005/OKE "To erect 9 wind turbines, electricity transformers, control building, wind monitoring mast and to construct access tracks, crane hardstandings and associated […]