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Tony says windfarms are for the chop

From the Evesham Journal, 11:01am Thursday 23rd April 2009 See the original post here A KARATE instructor is using his skills in self defence to defend the environment. Tony Johnson of Church Lench organised a ‘breakathon’ on Tuesday in which he broke breezeblocks, tiles and bricks with his bare hands in order to raise money […]

Pro-Wind Campaigners Break Law for Fourth Time

Police investigate thefts and criminal damage tied to the actions of  pro-wind campaigners. For the fourth time in nearly as few weeks, pro-wind campaigners have broken the law, and caused considerable harm and distress to the residents of the Vale. Early in the hours of Saturday 25th April, they struck again,  for a second time […]

VVASP Schedules Question and Answer Sessions

Q and A sessions have been scheduled around the area of the proposed Lenchwick Windfarm. Following on from the successful ‘drop-in’ sessions earlier on in the year, VVASP have now arranged two open Question and Answer sessions. VVASP had tried to organise more sessions, unfortunately when trying to book Norton Village Hall, they were advised […]

Data slip-up on the arctic ice

Christopher Booker, Sunday Telegraph  11 April 2009 Ever more bizarre becomes the story of the Catlin expedition to the North Pole, blessed by Prince Charles and sponsored by various organisations which make money from the global warming scare. The expedition’s purpose was supposedly to use the latest science to measure how dangerously Arctic ice is […]

Judge rules against village wind turbine plans

  ELAINE MASLIN 12 April 2009 17:51 Original posting here:  EDP24 – Judge rules against village wind turbine plans Villagers who have spent £50,000 on a six-year battle against a proposed wind farm on their doorstep look to have finally won their fight. A high court judge has ruled that the "considerable rural charm" of […]

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